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Whatever question you might have, we are here to help you. Our sales staff is available most hours of the day and will make an effort to meet your wishes and guide you toward the right purchase. 

Customised solutions for your needs

At, you can be sure to meet skilled employees who will offer you customised solutions. We know, that no two companies are alike and we are happy to replace forks, masts, or other equipment to create the perfect forklift for your needs. 

If you have any questions about a certain machine or you would like an non-binding offer, feel free to contact us. We are available most hours of the day though phone and email. 


We are happy, when you are happy

As a supplier, we share the responsibility that comes with choosing the right machine for the right task. We are the experts in this field and we are happy to share our knowledge, so that you can make the right purchase with peace of mind.

Forklifts and other warehouse equipment are often an important resource in many industries as well as a big investment. There are no time to waste and no room for wrong equipment. Therefore, we take pride in delivering the right machine that fits perfectly into your warehouse measurements. 

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We ship worldwide

We get a little proud, every time one of our forklifts can benefit new owners around the world. To us, recycling is an important factor and when our stock list contains the forklift you have been looking for, we will be happy shipping it to you. Whether it is a 16-ton diesel truck or a brand-new electric stacker - we will deliver. 

Our relations to professional shipping companies makes it easy for us to arrange the freight to any country in the world. Off course you are also welcome to arrange it yourself. 

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Feel safe when buying abroad

Whether you purchase over the phone or through email, you can for sure feel safe. All our machines are safety approved and we never deliver anything we can not vouch for ourselves. Our standards are high, and we tend to call ourselves perfectionists. 

We care a lot about our customers and choosing the right forklift is just as important for us, as it is to them. If you have any doubt, please involves us in your speculations. We are more than happy to help, so that the risk of wrong purchases can be minimised.