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Terms of sale and delivery


1. Generally

The following Terms of Sale and Delivery constitute, at any time, an integrated part of all agreements, contract and/or deliveries entered by and the buyer, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the buyer. When purchasing at, you accept these conditions.


2. Prices and payments 

All prices are stated in Danish kroner and are excluding taxes and delivery costs.

If no other agreements are made between the buyer and, payment for the purchased goods falls due before pick-up from


3. Delayed payment 

If the customer fails to pay an invoice for products, spare parts, or services, has the right to charge interest of 1.5% per commenced month from the due date and until payment is made. 

If the customer fails to pay an overdue invoice for products, spare parts, or services within 14 days of receiving a written demand for payment, has the right to:

- Cancel the sale of the products, spare parts, or services to which the delay relates and thereby taking back the sold item
- Cancel the sale of products, spare parts or services that have not yet been delivered to the customer


4. Offer

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, offers are valid for one month from the date of the offer and are provided to subject unsold. 


5. Delivery

The stated delivery times are calculated from the time when the final order has been placed and all information necessary for the execution of the order is available. 

In case of war, blockade, bans, breakdowns, traffic disruptions, fire, or other unforeseen obstacles, which prevents or significantly complicates the delivery, the delivery will be postponed without being held responsible for as long as this obstacle exists. reserves the right to cancel the order without incurring liability in case of supplier failure or in case of circumstances as the ones described above.

When freight is booked by, is responsible for what is sold until it arrives at the customer. 

In case of delivery with a freight forwarder or other shipping types booked by the customers himself, is disclaimed responsible for the goods sold as soon as has handed over the goods to the carrier. 

If the item sold is picked up at the warehouse of, the responsibility will be assigned to the customer as soon as it has left the property to


6. Delay 

If expects a delay in the delivery of the sold products or services, will inform the customer about it. At the same time will state the reason for the delay and a new expected delivery date. is not liable for operating losses, profit losses, or other indirect losses that occur as a result of the delay. 


7. Warranty 

All new machines have 12 months warranty. 


8. Trade-in machinery

If trade-in machines are part of the agreement between and the buyer, the buyer bears the risk for such material up until delivery to The prices for such trade-in machinery have been based on the condition that the equipment in question is operational, maintained in accordance with instructions and inspected up until the delivery to, unless otherwise agreed in writing with

Damages and defects will be invoiced to the buyer if they occur after signing of the agreement.


9. Returning an order

The sold item will only be accepted for return by prior written agreement.


10. Subject to error reserves the right to make price and text errors, technical errors, sold out items, and force majeure. 


11. Ownership reservation

Ownership of the sold goods is retained by until the purchase price has been paid in full.


12. Defects and complaints

Upon delivery, the buyer will promptly inspect the delivered goods in order to determine whether they are in the condition specified in the contract. Complaints concerning errors and defects must be in writing and must be submitted immediately. 

The buyer's amendment of or intervention with the goods sold, without's prior written consent, will release from any obligations. is never responsible for goods sold used, unless otherwise is stated in writing between the customer and is not liable for operating losses, profit losses, or other indirect losses that arise as a result of defects or deficiencies in the goods sold. 


13. Information

Legal name of the company: ApS
Companyform: ApS
Establishment year: 2009
Address: Kirkediget 8, 6800 Varde DK
CVR number.: 32101461
Phone.: +4550822772
Official web-address: