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Our responsibility to a more sustainable world

In the family-driven forklift-company, we have many thoughts about the imprints we leave behind for our future generations. We want to contribute to a more sustainable world where materials are recycled whenever possible. That is why used forklifts and warehouse equipment take up most of the place in our warehouses. 


A minimum of waste is our goal

At, we share a green and sustainable mindset, saying that a used machine easily can be like new. Our mission is, and has always been, to service our customers with used lifting equipment - in good condition and renovated as needed, of course. 

We work to achieve a minimum of waste. All materials in sensible condition are recycled and the remaining is discarded in a responsible way.



Make the right purchase

Sustainability is about avoiding waste in general. We take a great pride in making sure that our customers make the right purchase the first time, so that no time or money is wasted. 

We will offer you our professional knowledge within the industry, to ensure you the best guidance prior to a purchase. 

If you are looking for new or used warehouse equipment, then do not hesitate to contact us. Call +45 50 82 27 72 or send us an email at

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